Sweeter than honey’ is a professional learning initiative for teachers of Religious Education in the Diocese of Broken Bay to support them in engaging their students in a more critical, creative and prayerful encounter with the Word of God.

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Sweeter than Honey Our Facebook page features teaching, learning and prayer initiatives in Broken Bay Catholic schools. 

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Mission Formation and Accreditation

This site provides information on mission formation opportunities for Catholic school leaders and teachers and the implementation of the Diocesan Mission Accreditation policy

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Parent Formation

‘Walking the Way’ is an initiative in the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay, designed to encourage parents in their sacred task of accompanying their children on their journey with God. There are four elements including a book and video, an E-Bulletin ‘Faith tips for the home’, parent gathering and annual retreats.

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This site is a replacement for Curianet. It provides key information resources for the Diocesan school system.

The Mission area on the homepage link to RENEWRE.

The Mission area in COVID 19 Information contains links to a range of religious education, mission formation and general information pages.

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Web links provides links to Broken Bay and other resources we believe will be of interest and assistance to leaders and teachers in Catholic schools.

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Our Newsletters

  • Lectio Divina and Words of Wisdom
  • Weekly Faith Tips for Families
  • REC and YMC Newsletter
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